Maricopa Con will take place August 5 and 6, and they need to fund by February 19. I have no doubt that they will fund, after successfully funding the past few years!

Tickets are limited, so snag yours!

Our community has an abundance of¬†smaller, intimate shows where you can chill and get to know people without the looming anxiety of missing the “big panels” or “big guests” at the larger shows. Tus-Con is another favorite of mine.

A common complaint about Maricopa Con is that by the time folks learn about the event, it’s sold out and the Kickstarter is long over. (Another common occurrence with smaller shows that cap attendance!)

Well, no excuse now. ūüėČ Get your ticket(s) and swag and support local!

Holy cow this is gonna be our fifth Kickstarter project for the convention! ¬†Did you love last year’s new venue? ¬†We plan to return there with the same or a similar layout. ¬†Did you meet new people and gain new gamer friends last year? ¬†We hope you did, and we plan to have another 250+ people at the 2017 convention. ¬†Join us that weekend for some of the best board game, card game, RPG, and miniature war game events in the valley! ¬†Our Core Values remain strong, and we continue to run without debt each year. ¬†The Game Library will return as well.

What is MaricopaCon? ¬†MaricopaCon is Arizona’s first kickstarted convention. ¬†We are for gamers and run by gamers with business experience. ¬†It was started in Jason’s house in Maricopa many years ago now. ¬†We play board games, card games, RPGs, and tabletop miniature games at MaricopaCon. ¬†Demo groups run games and volunteer GMs do as well. ¬†MaricopaCon also brings together many successful game designers under one roof for one weekend. ¬†Welcome home.