I was super lucky to enter and win Geeks Who Eat’s Rings ticket giveaway! All I had to do was follow some of their social media accounts to enter, and Sarah (one of Geeks Who Eat’s owners) shot me a message to keep an eye out for the movie rep’s email. Thank you, Allied, for the tickets to the VIP screening!

Fair warning: Rotten Tomatoes currently has it at 0%. I feel way less harsh about my impression now. 😉


The movie was actually really beautiful to me. Some of the scenes were creepy and claustrophobic. The color grading was really artistic in spots. Some effects were really cool: I loved the reverse-flowing rain scene in the beginning. And any scenes that seemed unnaturally or jarring, I took as them being part of Samara’s “video world” being projected into real life.


The main female character had the personality of a soggy potato. The professor character, played by Johnny Galecki, had some potential but he was written (or acted) as a very punchable character and I was glad he was pulled out of the picture when he met an untimely fate in the movie. Everyone was kind of forgettable.


It was just a combination of bad tropes and boring pacing. It’s sort of a reboot/continuation. Honestly, I feel like I need to rewatch the original.

They explain the VHS tape being digitized by the professor, and that people can lose their “7 days” death sentence if they copy the digital version they watched and make someone else watch their copy. A professor uses his students to experiment with this. The main character’s boyfriend is one of these students. So she gets roped in. Eventually she watches the video to save her boyfriend. And then we have to follow along as they follow her visions to a small town to dispose of her remains.

(MAIN SPOILER) The big twist is that Samara was born from some lady a priest kept locked in a basement as a slave. zzzzzz. :/ And that obviously finding her remains and burning them is *not* what the main characters should have done.

Honestly, I really feel like they could have ditched the romance and focused on the academic research part of the story. I know a few other movies have done that, but I really like those kinds of scary movies – scientific minds trying to document scary paranormal stuff.

Scare Factor

OK, a few jumps got me. It’s not particularly “OMG” scary or gorey. But there are some tense moments and one jump scare made me accidentally kick the lady sitting next to me. (Sorry lady!)

Imagine eating wallpaper paste, listening to Coldplay and watching the entire ‘Da Vinci Code’ trilogy back to back. Still less boring than ‘Rings’. Tom Huddleston