Happy Valentines Day!

Valentines Day With Poe

Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone!

This is my card to you. <3

A friend showed me this comic, and I had to recreate it before I changed my mind. I’m a bit of a Star Wars fangirl, and I think the Poe pillow from Brilcrist is perhaps the most unique item in my collection. ;P

Half the challenge was stepping out of my comfort zone to stage a silly photo. This card also doubled as an excuse to clean the dining room table. Thankfully, with some prop help from my husband and Spike running up to see what I was doing (he helped me smile when I was worried about the pic coming out dumb), I got a result I’m super happy with!

Time To Be Cheesy and Shout Out to My Husband on Valentine’s Day

I am pretty damn lucky to have met my partner-in-crime, Allen, back in 2009. It’s hard to meet someone who fills those creative spaces in your life, and he’s a constant source of inspiration for me. Happy holiday, babe!

  • I met Allen at a comic shop, Atomic Comics (which is sadly closed now!). 🙂 He was dressed as a Mandalorian (how I got involved in cosplay), I was dressed like a pirate.
  • I brought sticky notes on our first official date with conversational topics. I was an awkward dater. Any dude who survives a first date that sorta-kinda accidentally feels like a job interview is a keeper!
  • We got married in a gaming bar, Endgame in Tempe (which also closed down- I feel like a jinx)!

The couple that cosplays together accidentally ends up on the Star Wars instagram together <3

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