Geek Mecca in Seattle

Emerald City Comicon (ECCC) is one of my favorite pop culture cons, and I’ve been to a ton of shows! If this is your first year attending as an out-of-towner, you are in for a treat. This will be my fourth ECCC, and it’s one of the few cons that I can whole-heartedly say that I recommend as a top-tier event.

Now, while ECCC itself absolutely deserves most of your time, you should consider seeing some of what Seattle has to offer. So, as you scour their program guide, be sure to look up things to enjoy in Seattle in between panels, signings, and vendor hall shopping.

The downtown around the convention center is extremely walkable. You can easily get to Pikes Place Market in 10-15 minutes. Just note that it’s forecast to be a bit cold and rainy!

Before You Get Ready to Adventure

If you’re like me, you like having lots of options to pick from. Well, here are some great resources to check out AND some general tips for Seattle.

  • Download the ECCC Guide! – You never know what you’ll need to look up. You can also save panels, look up guests, and more! That way you can explore Seattle without stressing about panel times to run back for.
  • Be ready for the weather! – While the “rainy weather” rumors are a little exaggerated, Seattle is expecting 40 degree temperatures and some rain showers. Bring a jacket and a comfy pair of shoes for the weather if you plan to explore outside. I’m actually implementing a rain jacket into my Rogue One cosplay to accommodate. 😉
    Note: Make sure your shoes have traction. The sidewalk can be slippery around the con in the rain.
  • Dont forget to catch new Pokemon with Pokemon Go! – OK, this might be just me, but I love seeing what new cities have in terms of poke-hunting. >_>
  • There’s a Target downtown – Need last minute cheap snacks or lady products? This is a life saver.

Parties & Events!

I am a little bit of an introvert, so I’m pacing my party consumption. 😉 But definitely take advantage of these events if you want! Hit me up if I’m missing one, sometimes there are random FB events that I don’t catch!


THURSDAY (March 2)

FRIDAY (March 3)

SATURDAY (March 4)

SUNDAY (March 5)

  • ? Not finding anything yet.

My Personal Recommendations

Seattle’s Free Walking Tours 

Image courtesy of TripAdvisor

I always encourage new visitors to get a comprehensive (while compact!) tour of the downtown via SFWT. They have two tours, and you can’t go wrong with either – one covers the infamous Pike Place Market (The Market Experience) and one takes you all across the downtown (Seattle 101). If you wanna visit the gum wall and walk around the downtown, do Seattle 101. If you want to get an intimate visit of Pike Place (and recommendations on what to buy/eat there), do the Marketplace Experience.

Both tours will give you a great mix of history, tips on what to eat, and general cool things to do in the area. The hosts are fantastic – I had Jake the past 3 times I did it (two solo, one with Allen).

  • They don’t do an underground tour, but those are highly recommended. You can look up underground tours online.
  • The Golden Age Collectibles comic shop is also located down in the market.
Cost: Free, but tip appreciated

Museum of Pop Culture (MoPop)

Image from Living City Seattle

MoPop is one of the stops at the top of most of Seattle’s visitor’s guides for a good reason; it’s a gorgeous facility, and the exhibits are beautiful and interactive. If you have a diverse group, there will still be something for everyone; music geeks, movie geeks, gaming geeks – everyone! My personal favorites last time were a leather jacket exhibit (may no longer be there), the horror film exhibit (with props!) and their sci-fi exhibit, which they are always expanding (also with props!).

  • Don’t Miss: Science Fiction and Fantasy Hall of Fame Celebration
    Additionally, they are having a party at MoPop Saturday night, with guest of honor freakin’ Aaron Douglas of BSG! Tickets are limited and can be purchased here.

Cost: A little pricey but worth it. $20-30

General Geeky Things for Different Interests

Image from Road Trippers -Archie McPhee

Pick and choose what sounds fun for you to visit! If you’d like me to add a place, let me know. 🙂

Got recommendations? Comment and I’ll add them to the list!