Allen and I desperately needed an audiobook to fill the silence of our road trip to SDCC this past weekend. I realized that I have been neglecting my Audible account, and had 5 credits available. Whoops! In order to meet a middle ground (we have different tastes), I decided to learn towards an Alien movie-verse book that had a performance cast– Alien: Out of the Shadows.


Alien: Out of the Shadows occurs between Alien and Aliens and answers some questions about what took place behind-the-scenes. Additionally, it features how Ash, the Weyland-Yutani loyal science officer/android, wont surrender his objective of obtaining a sample of the alien.

During Ripley’s slumber on the Narcissus, something directs her off-course and not directly to Earth, putting her in reach of a mining operation that is neck-deep in trouble with aliens. On top of this, there are collisions with some of their vehicles, making a quick escape unfeasible. Instead of waking up on Earth to unite with her daughter, poor Ripley has to walk from one trauma to another; realizing that she’s been sleeping for 37 years, and discovering that she just can’t escape these acid-blooded murder machines. With the expertise she developed in Alien, Ripley assists the miners the best way she can. It’s not easy with a Machiavellian android who wont leave her alone, but she and the miners have hope of finding a way back home in the abyss of space.

The audiobook has some stellar performances. All of the voice actors are distinct, and the sound effects are top-notch! To fill in gaps of confusion, Ash does “mission reports” at the end of each chapter. He keeps the reader apprised of where his current objects of manipulating the situation to get his sample (including how Ripley stands, mentally and physically, in the face of more trouble).

Overall, we enjoyed the story and managed to finish the book on our trip. The adventure does have it’s slow bits (for character development), but we grew attached enough to the characters to feel tension when they were in death traps and dire situations. If you’re a fan of this franchise, I definitely recommend a read!