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April 4, 2018
  • The Worried Man by Lisa M Lilly (Book Review)

    The Worried Man Book Cover The Worried Man
    Q.C Davis
    Lisa M. Lilly
    May 1, 2018

    The night before they plan to move in together, Quille finds the body of the man she loves dead in his apartment.

    Police point to his failed medical career and past alcoholism as evidence of suicide or accidental overdose. His ex-wife agrees.

    Marco’s son insists his father was stable, sober, and excited about his future with Quille.

    Suspicious of the police based on bitter experience, Quille vows to find the truth and help Marco’s son. Using her skills as an attorney and former stage actress, she investigates a world filled with fraud and corrupt Chicago politics.

    The closer she gets to the truth, though, the less likely she is to survive to tell it….

    The Worried Man Book Review

    The Worried Man by Lisa M. Lilly is the first book in a series about Quille/Q.C. Davis, an attorney in Chicago, whose boyfriend commits suicide on the night before they move in together. The book is anchored in Quille’s POV headspace as she mourns her lover, deals with the stress of handling his estate, and holds on to the hope that he didn’t kill himself. She takes up the task of not-so-quietly investigating either what could have triggered his alcoholic relapse–or who staged a potential crime scene to look like a suicide.

    Quille, as a young female attorney, is a very relatable character. She’s copes with the only tools she has– a keen eye for details that just seem off, her knowledge of the legal/political ties that Marco (her boyfriend) may have been tangled in, and her network of friends lending what they can (fellow lawyers and several close friends from her acting days).

    Lilly does a fantastic job showing the frustrating process of Quille’s investigation. Nothing is ever easy! As someone who’s worked in local government, I related to how Quille does her best to keep a smile on her face (despite the deep sadness she’s working through) while navigating red tape and people who don’t particularly feel like helping her out. The Worried Man weaves in a lot of secrets, many that Quille didn’t know about Marco, and we go on a journey as she tries to unravel which of these led to his death. The author demonstrates that no matter how well we know someone, people are complex. There are very plausible reasons why they would try to keep certain details of their life locked away, as Quille discovers.

    I generally stray away from mysteries, because I get frustrated and want to skip to the end! But the pace of The Worried Man, while slow in spots, did keep me engaged. With both a slice-of-life perspective on Quille’s day-to-day and the fascination of watching possible leads rise and fall… Quille’s persistence to find just one more lead left me rooting for her the entire time.

    The Worried Man is perfect for those who love a mystery anchored in reality (malpractice suits, political machinations, legal layers) with a heroine who is complicated, stubborn, smart, and struggles with her pursuit to prove that her boyfriend didn’t leave a loving son and herself behind.

    * * *

    I want granted a digital ARC of The Worried Man in exchange for an honest review. The Worried Man will be released on May 1, 2018 and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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