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  • Star Wars Costumer Makes Rag Dolls for Hospital Visits With Her Cosplay Scraps

    What do you do with your leftover fabric? Don’t throw it away!

    Cosplay for a cause, especially childrens hospital visits, are one of my biggest inspirations as a costumer. I was delighted to learn a new way to cheer kids up thanks to Lesley Farquhar, the CO of the Imperial Sands Garrison (of the world-wide Star Wars costuming group the 501st Legion).

    Based off a raggedy Ann/Andy pattern, she makes delightful rag dolls for gifts and for kids!

    This was a crazy thing I came up with about a year and a half ago for a prize for a holiday party gift exchange. Been making them ever since. Mostly the Jawa and Tusken versions. The Royal Guard and Darth Maul are new and I’m working on some Fett versions and an Imperial Officer soon.


    Rag Doll Tips

    1. Save your scraps! You don’t need a lot of fabric to make a simple doll. 🙂
    2. Use your favorite rag doll pattern! There are thousands available online for inspiration – a quick Google search found a bunch on Pinterest!
    3. Make some kids smile! If you don’t do hospital visits, you can reach out to several costuming charity groups. You probably have a few Star Wars ones in your area (501st, Rebel Legion, Mandalorian Mercs, etc) or other charity groups! Conversely, you can always save a doll to surprise a kid at a convention. 🙂 See a shy kid who likes your costume but it afraid to approach? Make their year!

    Huge thank you to Lesley for allowing me to share. <3 All rag dolls and images belong to her.

    Update: Several asked me if Lesley takes donations for leftover scraps. She responded:

    Oh wow! I have several bins/buckets of scrap already that Im working through. So I probably don’t need any, but they may want to check with local quilting shops--often they have quilters groups that make quilts and pillowcases for hospital kids too that might need help!

    [Note: If you’re like me and want to buy one from Lesley (I want a Fett rag doll!), she says she’s considering it in the future. ;)]

  • I Need This: Fan-Made BB-8 Bath Bombs are PRECIOUS!!!

    Fizzy Fairy Apothecary, who makes the infamous adorable Pokemon bath bombs, is working on a BB-8 one!

    She aims to sell them for $8 ea +shipping, which I feel is an absolute STEAL as a  Star Wars fangirl and bath bomb enthusiast. 🙂

    Her Facebook post below:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.56.00 AM

    Only a limited number of the hand-made, hand-painted BB-8 bath bombs will only be available, so follow Fizzy Fairy on FB to stay up to date on their availabilty!