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  • Learning to Love Audiobooks (and Some Recommendations!)

    I have many personal goals for 2017, and one biggie is to read more. A lot more.

    I am sad that I only finished about a dozen new books in their entirety last year: a full draft of a friend’s upcoming novel, four published books by other friends, and a handful of others. I’m very blessed to be surrounded by friends who are talented writers and passionate readers, and I miss the days where I read a lot more!

    Which, brings me to re-learning about audiobooks. 🙂

    I’m sometimes slow to change when I get comfortable in a routine. I was a devout fan of physical books, but snagged a Kindle Fire over Christmas last year, when they were on sale. With the sales that crop up for digital editions, and the convenience of having countless ones on had when I want to read them, I fell in love.

    When I asked other friends how they liked to read they regularly brought up audiobooks, which I had completely blanked on existing. I initially balked, but figured- hey, if I could learn to love e-books, why not give audiobooks a go?

    Perks to Audiobooks?

    Audible has a 30 day trial, so I went ahead and grabbed it. It was super easy adding it to my Kindle and Android phone. They give you 2 books to have during the trial, but I was intimidated at all the choices available.

    I asked the same friends for more suggestions on what to expect, and why audiobooks grab them over “regular” reading. Their main pluses are that the experience is enriched by:

    • Audiobooks being read by their own authors
    • Audiobooks being read with full casts
    • Audiobooks sprinkled with dynamic sound effects (explosions, rain, and whatnot)
    • Audiobooks being read by an amazing orator, like Stephen Frye
    • The convenience of sitting back and listening to one on-the-go (commuting)
    • Lots of sales come up for audiobooks, too!

    I felt silly, because I had no idea. Whelp, that’s how you learn, right? By trying a new thing! But, my second problem came up. Okay, so I know what style of audiobook sounds appealing to me. But which do I choose?

    Anything read by the author!!! Seriously I’ve had the best experiences and it feels more genuine.
    -Amy ZeldaZonk Carlson

    30 Audiobook Suggestions for New Listeners

    My favorite genres are fantasy, sci-fi, and apocalyptic survival stories, but I’m open to anything. Here are some suggestions from folks, half as a mental note of items to check out later, and half to help out readers who share the same dilemma I do! And holy crap, I got a lot of recommendations. 🙂

    [Thank you so much to Melissa, Jenna, Brian, Angela, Jenny, Joe, Sara, Autumn, Steph, Amy C., Tina, Devon, Thomas, Will, Eric, Robi, Shira, Eliza B., Amy O., Eliza E., Laura, Rob, John, Zach, Jayson, Celeste, Shawn, Rasheda, Diane, Britta!]

    My choices in the end?

    The two I settled on are to give a go my trial months are the Iron Druid’s first book (with it’s AZ roots!) and Night Circus (magic + romance!).

    I’ll definitely do a follow-up, my fingers are crossed that my first audiobook experience goes well. 🙂

  • I Need This: Fan-Made BB-8 Bath Bombs are PRECIOUS!!!

    Fizzy Fairy Apothecary, who makes the infamous adorable Pokemon bath bombs, is working on a BB-8 one!

    She aims to sell them for $8 ea +shipping, which I feel is an absolute STEAL as a  Star Wars fangirl and bath bomb enthusiast. 🙂

    Her Facebook post below:

    Screen Shot 2016-01-21 at 9.56.00 AM

    Only a limited number of the hand-made, hand-painted BB-8 bath bombs will only be available, so follow Fizzy Fairy on FB to stay up to date on their availabilty!